Made with our hands, head and heart: this is our philosophy and the tools of our daily work through the world of ideas. Industrie Ricreative’s core business concerns the design, manufacture and sale of customized inflatable structures with giant slides and animation, modular trampolines for indoor and outdoor use, customized trampoline parks with foam pit, amusement rides and other types of playpark equipment and attractions of all kinds for playground, leisure park, kid park, amusement park, waterpark, camping, sportcenter, etc.



If you build and test amusement equipment, you know it inside out, how practical it is, if it is functional. You can make continual improvements offered by games technology and experience in realizing amusement games. The hands touch these products hundreds of times and feel them. If you just import them or sell them, you will never have the hands-product relationship that a manufacturer has.



If you love your work, the customer feels it. You can continually develop the appearance and the decoration, crucial to the finished product, adapting them from country to country. You can concentrate on the details of the amusement game, offer advice on their use, maintenance and safety. You are always available. If you love your work, you dedicate your time, imagination, without which no new ideas are born. It is always the heart that gives the first positive signal to start the production of new spectacular product.



This is the rational part that chooses the raw materials, the devices, the safety, the practical sense and the functionality of our production of professional trampolines and inflatable castles.

Ten years on, we are still seeing inflatable slides being sold that have a narrow staircase to climb up, and an enormous space to slide down. Isn’t it more difficult to climb up than slide down? This is a small example of how the hands more than the head were used in constructing inflatable bouncers.

This also happens to numerous customers when they want to set up a playground, namely to use their hands rather than their heads: they privilege number over quality, the price over image, the already-seen over the new style of amusement games. Explaining, helping to choose and working together with our experience in production of elastic trampolines and inflatable games repays us and you.

It’s a good idea to use your head: a satisfied customer always comes back.


There are few years we decided to leave any industrial games production making only customized multiplay inflatable structures, put in the historical and cultural context of our customer. You'll find hereinafter a wide illustration of some inflatable games which reflect this philosophy: you can see the most meaningful example in our great inflatable playgrounds.


The inflatable playground Farm, for example, can be set with local situation and animals: if it will be installed in an Arab place we'll find sheep, horses, camels; if in Europe, donkey, pig, cow, etc. Also the dimensions of the inflatable can be adapted to the number of kinds of games requested. With regard to this we conceived - besides the classic climbs, slides, riding the animals - the movable inflatable parts, such as the horse pulling the chariot, animated directly by children. This innovation is the biggest success of recent years in the world of inflatables.


In Roma Caput Mundi inflatable game the movable parts are the catapults, in the"MOUNTAIN CHALET" , where, next to the big slide which is the same chalet and to the donkey to climb, we find the bear, the deer, the roe-deer, the movable part is the inflatable bridge on the stream;


In the spectacular Moto GP inflatable game the movable parts are the pistons, in "JUNGLE" the Jeep Safari on the road.


With these kinds of multiplay inflatable structures we can manufacture the old Greek theme with big Parthenon, the sieges of Troy with giant horse, warriors and spectacular armed ships. In the Egyptian theme the great Alexandria of Egypt is recalled with Cleopatra, camels, enormous elephant, harbour, catapults and unfailing pyramids to climb.


As for the new animated inflatables, there are the latest new features, highly original themes, such as the inflatable Boat and inflatable playground The Sea.


The possibilities, as you can see, are infinite: the important is not see anymore, in a park on the Alps for example, the Scottish castle, the spatial ship, the Titanic slide or the Whale, all together, elements with nothing in common with the culture and the surroundings of that place.

The success of an inflatable is linked to the ease of recognising it immediately on first sight. Therefore the theme used for the production of the game has to be simple and well-known. Children need to identify the game they are using.

For this we created the spectacular Pizza, the most famous and known food in the world, and the giant inflatable toboggan slide Wave with animated fish Nemo opening mouth.


Also the Venture River water ride develops: from the classic theme of Far West to fanciful new interpretations of local sagas: functional, fast, fascinating for every child! And the new professional Modular Trampolines or Trampoline Parks and the powerful Bumper Boats? Have you seen the inflatable decorations? An usual myth, which never betrayed expectations!….