Why having so many small inflatables of modest visual and playful impact, when it enough one great, important and irresistible, having all the imaginable typologies of game and preserving the general theme by You chosen?

Made with hard-wearing, PVC-coated polyester fabric (not plastic-coated nylon!), fire-proof marked class M2, it is durable and easily washable. The inflatable subjects can be replaced with zip, and there are inside chambers for inspection and carrying handles.

In addition to a scenic impact ever seen, INDUSTRIE RICREATIVE offers with this inflatable some truly innovative technical and constructive solutions: a two-part structure, very easy to combine when assembling, covers for the parts subjected to greater use (elephants, catapults, slides) easily replaced with a simple zip, inside chambers for inspection, many subjects that can be replaced. The delivery times for this inflatable game are about 90 days.


18 x 12 m = 216 m² !!! The inflatable playground is made up of two pieces to be joined during the installation, with two 2 HP blowers, 5 different types of game, subjects replaceable by simple zip, inside chambers can be inspected, handles for transport.


Technical details:

Length: 12.00 mt.

Width: 18.00 mt.

Height: 8.00 mt.

Weight: 1440 kg

Movable parts: the Catapults

Inflatable playground RomeRoman catapults - inflatable gameInflatable catapultMovable catapult on the inflatable Rome

Inflatable slide

Inflatable slide with two climbingsCentral slideInflatable slide Rome

Climbing walls

Climbing with ropesClimbing with stairsInflatable climbing wallClimbing with ropes - inflatable Rome

Rideable subjects

The Roman inflatable centurionInflatable animalsBig inflatable elephant to climbBig inflatable elephant - sales and manufacturing


Example of bouncy decorations - Ancient Rome

Wall decorations inflatable playground Rome

Example of bouncy decorations - Roman Emperors

Example of bouncy decorations - The Wolf

Example of bouncy decorations - The Romans

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