Miniriver - adventure river - Far West theme - Beirut/Lebanon



Water ride of great success!


This water ride, made of fiberglass-reinforced aluminum, modular, allows to create paths of various forms.

There are curved or straight fiberglass channels. Modular, this amusement attraction also allows later to add more items to increase the scope, size and create any form.

The circuit of Miniriver is complete with 4 curved channels, 4 channel rights, a recirculation pump, a drain pump and filter, with a capacity of three children each car (canoe, trunk), including choice of decorations (ex. Jungle, Sea, Mountain, Far-West, etc.), editing. Size Mt. 8.60 x 4.00

Ideal for Baby Parks, shopping malls, recreation centers.



Important: The laying ground must be completely levelled.


Nautical ride "Miniriver" during the exhibition in RiminiWater ride production

Water ride "Miniriver" - children paddlingWater ride "Miniriver" - game on the water for babies

Water ride "Miniriver" - paddle for one or two childrenWater ride "Miniriver" - a decorated paddle

Jungle River - Mantova / Italy

Mini venture river - Pirates theme

Mini venture river - PiratesMini adventure river ride - PiratesMiniriver - pirates theme - Forli / Italy

Miniriver PiratesMini venture river - PiratesMini adventure river ride - Pirates

Mini River ride - Far West theme - Beirut / LebanonMini venture river - Far West theme

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