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Small children are greatly fascinated by water and navigating on this river becomes irresistible!


Amusement ride VENTURE RIVER is highly attractive to children where the strong current transports the fibreglass canoes and tree-trunks, with up to 3 children aboard.

Made of aluminium reinforced fibreglass, sectional, this funny inflatable game allows the creation of any circuit.


N.B. The laying ground must be completely levelled.


  • Straight river section (length 2.30 x width 1.60 m) with rubber gaskets and fixing bolts and nuts, decoration.
  • Bent river section (90° angle, 2.00 x 2.00 m) with rubber gaskets and fixing bolts and nuts, decoration.
  • Motor pump for water flow 1.5 HP 220 V (380 V upon request), PVC fittings, stainless steel protection grid placed on the straight section, suction chamber, delivery nozzle, cover (advisable no. 1 pump every 10 sections).
  • Hydraulic trunk stopping device, placed on one straight section; pipes, tank and 220 V 1 HP pump for oil; 24 V control board.
  • 10 m3/h water conditioner with sand filter with outlet valve, 220 V 1 HP motor pump (380 V upon request) fixed to the straight arrival section; suction chamber with stainless steel grid, PVC fittings, quartzose sand.
  • Wooden start platform size 4.70 x 1.00 m with paddle-carrying standing trunk made of fibreglass.
  • Painted and hot-galvanized steel column with watertight case, thermo-magnetic control switches, 0.03 M.A. safety switch.
  • Canoe or Trunk made of fibreglass, with 3 paddles and sliding wheels: length 2.10 m.
  • Tee-Pee tent made of PVC with silk-screen printing; opening dial frame and tent supporting tubes made of hot galvanized and painted steel; height 5.00 m, diam. 4.50 m.


Amusement ride standard model is complete with 12 straight sections, 8 bent sections, 3 trunks, 3 canoes, access board, 2 recirculation pumps, control board, paddle-holding tree-trunk, "Tee Pee" tent, assembly. Overall dimensions are mt. 13.20x9.60. The water is moved by 2 motor pumps mounted on straight sections. The river is equipped whit a 10 m³/h sand purifier, a hydraulic stopping device, an entry platform, control panel and a paddle-holding tree-trunk.

Amusement ride dimensions:

- Length: Mt. 13.20
- Width: Mt. 9.60

- Length: Mt. 4.70
- Width: Mt. 1.00


Venture River water ride drawing


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